We offer 60-min time slots to use the gym for your own personal workout.  Open gym slots are made available 36-hours before to book through the FLEXX website or app.  Capacity for open gym varies depending on personal training activity at the gym by the hour .

Here’s what our members are saying about Open Gym:

I am a freshman in college who has been home all year due to COVID. One of the few bright spots has been being able to work out at FLEXX everyday. I have been working out at the open gyms nearly every day and now I am stronger than I have ever been before. -A. Gupta

Due to the pandemic, I had to take a long break from lifting. I was able to start again during my first semester at college and when I came back for break, I thought I would have to take another long break from lifting. Luckily I found FLEXX. It was perfect because I could sign up and get my own little space and not have to worry about COVID. There is everything that I need to get a great lift in. -E. Lee


It has improved my quality of life by allowing me to implement a cardio fitness plan that was designed for me after my heart attack in 2010.  I’m 80 years old and am looking forward to a continued, fruitful life here in McLean. – J. Aiello