Youth athletic training to meet kids where they are – and take them where they want to be

Created and run by former college athletes, our youth program is designed to help teens of all athletic abilities establish a firm foundation, form good movement patterns and improve strength and mobility. Whether new to the gym environment or training at the varsity athlete level, all participants will enjoy a safe, customized and effective workout.  


Youth Performance Program

4 week program; 2 or 3 days/week; restricted to 4 students at 3PM; 4 students at 4PM

Our coaching philosophy is to become a generalist before a specialist; i.e. we drive home the foundations of athletic performance before diving into personalization. However, modification to the program will be made based on baseline assessments. Each athlete will be challenged at his/her current level and our assessments after each cycle will allow us to continuously select exercises and protocols that get the most out of the athlete. Program also includes pre- and post assessment and 30 min education sessions.


Youth Personal Training 

Available individually or for groups up to 4, personal training offers the most flexibility for scheduling and customization. Our trainers specialize in training teen athletes and will emphasize and educate on proper form and technique and allow students the opportunity to build their performance abilities in a smart, healthy way.