Before I started working out with Ron I was 220 lbs. Ron is great. With his help, over the course of a few years I’ve lost over 65 lbs and have gained a lot of confidence. His workouts can be challenging, but that’s one of things that makes them really fun and rewarding. I feel like we’re always doing something new and I never get bored at the gym. 

— Kate Loftis (Student)


As a member of Cypress Fitness (now FLEXX) since they’ve opened…years now, it’s a great feeling to know they are always striving to support their customers, even during a pandemic!  FLEXX is showing up for their clients offering virtual online group classes from boot camp to yoga to full body stretch and tone classes with a variety of time slots throughout the days and week that will not disappoint!    

For me, it shows FLEXX Fitness values their customers and cares about their well-being as much as I value their staff, support, knowledge and of course the urge to support local small businesses during these unprecedented times. 

Sign up!  You’ll won’t be disappointed and you’ll enjoy the time to take care of your body, seeing instructors smiling and eager to teach what they know best and even seeing the other faces just briefly, doing the same thing you’re doing for the same reasons in their own homes.  I’ve always been grateful for my instructors, friends at FLEXX Fitness.

— Malti Livingston


I worked with Pasquale about 2-3 months before I headed off to college for soccer and it was one of the best decisions I have made!  We made a plan and stuck to it.  She pushed me to the max with every session we had.  Pasquale was a huge factor in getting me ready to play at the D1 level.  I can’t thank her and the FLEXX staff enough.  The facilities were amazing, the staff was great and everyone was so supportive.  I can’t wait to work with all of them again soon.

 — E. Wheeler, Penn State Women’s Soccer


This virtual yoga class is almost as good as in person. The visuals and queuing are excellent,  which I find very helpful. Ann is able to make corrections and adjustments to our forms as well, which is essential for maximum results and improvement. (and to keep safe)

Another plus is Ann is able to integrate different skill and age  levels.  I’m probably the least experienced and would be considered a “beginner“ in a  class of people that have taken it for many many more years and I’m still able to keep up for the most part, and feel somewhat of a success at the end of the class. 

I highly recommend this class I definitely see small  improvement each week and look forward to participating.

— Marjorie Meyers


I am so appreciative that Cypress Fitness has been offering virtual classes during the Stay at Home Order. The classes have been so good for me both physically and mentally.  While abiding by the stay at home order the classes give me something to look forward to. Participating in them makes my life feel more “normal”.   I’ve enjoyed both Yoga and the HIT classes and have gotten great work outs from both.  The instructors have been very encouraging and make the classes fun and worth while.   Thank you Cypress Fitness!

— Donna Cox