Our Story

A group of health nuts decided to create a new gym experience called FLEXX fitness – a place that strives to meet all your health needs – and then some. Imagine a community of experts dedicated to supporting your fitness and nutrition, all the while helping you to de-stress and be a better you. A place where your workout is custom designed for you with an experienced fitness trainer, or in a dynamic group class – making friends along the way. A place where the staff treats you like family and takes your wellness personally. All this right in downtown McLean. Our mission is to improve YOUR quality of life.

Stop on by and take a look at our state-of-the-art facility, premium services and learn how FLEXX fitness can help you and your family get started today.


We offer all-inclusive Gym Memberships
– Month to month contracts
– Unlimited access to our fitness classes
– Special value training packages
– Satisfaction – in our service and in your results

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Personal Fitness Benefits

Life can be challenging, and sometimes, exhausting. So what’s slowing you down? Is it the food you eat? Lack of sleep? Not enough exercise? You will always feel like you are chasing your better self, but once you make your health a priority the benefits are numerous!

More Stamina & Energy — Exercise has proven to boost your energy levels throughout the day, which will lead to a more productive you. Finding a gym and a personal trainer that can motivate you and keep you accountable can become an important part of helping you feel better daily.

Increased Strength — Whether it’s to strengthen your muscles or your bones, resistance training is an important part of any training program. There is no greater success than seeing and feeling the results of being stronger, both in your workouts and in your lifestyle!

Optimal Vitality — Your health shouldn’t take a back seat to anything, so don’t live with a “tomorrow” mentality if you want to have more tomorrows. Whether it’s playing with kids or grandkids, taking long hikes, improving how you feel on a daily basis, or avoiding illness, you need a balanced program that helps you identify how your body will best respond to exercise and nutrition.

Weight Loss — While there are billions of dollars in the weight-loss industry, we want to find what works for you. Whether you are looking to lose 100 or 10 lbs, finding the right nutrition and exercise regiment is important, as is staying consistent. And there’s never a bigger smile then fitting into those jeans from your college years!

Athletic Performance — Whether you are a high school, college, or recreational athlete, we all want to improve our skills and our stamina. Building power, increasing aerobic energy, preventing injuries; Whatever athletic success you are working towards, Cypress Fitness has the personal trainer that can help you build that physical foundation; Start working on becoming that All-Star.