The overall experience has been life changing for me

I started training at Cypress in January of 2014. The overall experience has been life changing for me. The staff at Cypress, particularly my personal trainer, Jim Harshbarger, have helped me to achieve fitness and lifestyle goals that I never would have been able to accomplish on my own, especially in my fifties. I went from being overweight and fatigued, to fit and energetic. I have really experienced a remarkable transformation over the past several years at Cypress, one that has re-awakened a tremendous enthusiasm for life.

Jim Harshbarger’s approach to fitness is methodical and precise. His training model is exacting and carefully tailored to the individual. What is truly remarkable are his instincts, and his particular ability to bring out the best in each of his clients. Over the course of four years, he continues to challenge me and make me stronger and fitter in measurable ways, all while keeping it fun and exciting.

The group classes at Cypress are also challenging and fun. The entire staff of awesome trainers offer different workouts each day, keeping us inspired and motivated.

Cypress is truly an awesome place and I am forever indebted to the entire community of staff and clients for improving the quality of my life, and for keeping me motivated to achieve my goals.

David D.