I began working with Keith about 9 months ago.  My goals were to increase my general level of fitness, learn how to exercise effectively and improve my volleyball skills.  I am a high school junior and two mornings a week I have gotten up at 5AM to meet Keith at 5:30AM at for an hour long personal training session.  I thought it would be miserable, but Keith makes each session challenging and rewarding and helps motivate me to push myself further than I ever thought possible.

When I started with Keith I was not fit and I didn’t like the feeling of pushing myself physically,  I was on a high school volleyball team and swim team, but I had not had great success with either sport.  I saw myself trending toward gaining weight and becoming less fit each year. I was worried about what I would look like in 5 years if I didn’t learn how to really exercise and achieve a high level of fitness.

Keith was critical to my success.  I could not have accomplished all that I have this year without him.  He has taught me how to push myself. In less than a year I have increased my vertical jump by nearly a foot; dropped 20 seconds off my mile time on the assault bike; dropped nearly 4 seconds off my personal best freestyle swim time; been named to 2nd team all conference in Volleyball; and competed at the States Qualifying Meet in swimming – all of which was totally unthinkable a year ago before I began working out with Keith!  Feeling fit and good about myself has also boosted my confidence. I have literally changed shape and dropped 3 sizes, but I don’t look scrawny, I look fit and I feel strong. Keith is a great trainer and a great role model in positive thinking and personal accountability. I look forward to continuing my workouts with Keith!

Mary W.