1. Food Is Just Food!

      Why did we allow ourselves to be brainwashed on what we should and should not eat? Why did we let other people dictate to us when we should or should not eat? It’s funny, but from childhood to our present lives food, beverage, and wine manufacturers have repeatedly bombarded us with the ide…Read More

  2. Breakfast Favorite: Mexica Frittata

    I believe this is one of my favorites from Precision Nutritions Cook Book. Mexican Frittata Ingredients: 6 Egg Whites 1 Whole Egg 4 Oz Lean turkey Sausage ½ Red Bell Pepper ½ Small Onion 1 medium tomato 1/3 Cup shredded chedder cheese ¼ cup Salsa 2 tsp butter, coconut oil or smart balance spread …Read More

  3. Reeses Oatmeal

    My Precision Nutrition favorite Reeses oatmeal 1 cup rolled oats 1 cup Carb Countodown Beverage Chocolate 2 percent milk fat (any chocolate beverage will do) 2 tsp natural peanut butter or nut butter. Splenda to taste Put ingredients into a bowl and microwave for 1 minute, stir, then microwave for a…Read More

  4. Artificial Sweeteners: Is There A Downside?

    Some of us have our vices. I certainly have mine and I know we all have ones we gravitate to. Many of you may like diet soda and gum or anything that falls under the artificial sweetener category and have "healthy" reasons for your choices/   The question I pose to everyone: Do you know what ha…Read More