1. Myths About Fitness – Part 2

    Myths are common in the fitness industry. There are always different things being said about how to lose weight, how to gain muscles, what workouts can burn fat quicker, and so on. While it can be hard to know what is, in fact, a myth and what is real, we can help! At Cypress Fitness in McLean, we w…Read More

  2. How Muscle Grows

    For many people, fitness goals revolve around two things: losing fat and building muscle. While most people understand how to lose fat and burn calories, building muscle may not be as simple to understand. Building muscle is more than just lifting weights and watching your muscles bulk in no time at…Read More

  3. Is Sitting Killing Us?

    Have you ever wondered why all that flexibility and posture work is so hard to maintain? Have you ever just said, “ugh if I could just SIT down!”.   Let’s think of our daily process from waking up to going back to sleep.   For many of us, our day looks something like this – we wake…Read More