It’s the eternal question, and one that comes up for so many people, every single year: should I quit going to a personal trainer, now that it’s summer?

People have plenty of reasons to ask this question. After all, the weather is getting warmer, the sun is out, and there are more opportunities for doing some super-fun outdoor activities in the McLean area. It comes as no surprise that some people tend to stop working with a personal trainer in lieu of sunnier fitness experiences, just as it’s pretty routine for personal training to increase in popularity right after the holidays.

In today’s blog, Cypress Fitness is going to take a look at the other side of the spectrum. We’re going to talk about why you should continue personal training in the summer, because there are too many benefits from keeping it, and too many disadvantages to letting it go. Find out more, and once you’re convinced, schedule a free tour of our facility and see what Cypress Fitness can do for you!

The weather is just as unpredictable.

Sure, we’re not about to get several inches of snow or an ice storm, but that doesn’t make the weather less predictable. Thunderstorms can make that run a little less fun (and truthfully, a little more dangerous). The excessive humidity makes bike rides feel like back-breaking labor. And plus, summer means athletes and those who are exercising are at added risk for developing heatstroke, as well as becoming dehydrated.

Make no mistake — warmer temps do not mean we’re in control of the weather, or how our body might respond to the climate at hand. But at a gym like Cypress Fitness, everything is much more controlled, and you’ll be working with a personal trainer who understands the body’s limits. Temperatures are set to be nice and cool, keeping you refreshed on your workout during a hot summer day. Sweating is still to be expected, but you’ll feel better when you’re working out at our gym — we’re sure of it.

Summer can actually present hazards to your health.

As we started to mention, summer is the time when people can become more easily dehydrated, and even develop heatstroke. This condition happens when your body overheats, and is considered the “most serious form of heat injury,” according to Mayo Clinic. Symptoms include a high body temperature, a difference in normal sweating patterns, altered mental states, nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing, and headaches, to name a few.

In addition to heatstroke, dehydration is an equally dangerous threat to health, and people tend to be more susceptible to becoming dehydrated in the summer. Plus, some people are simply more sensitive to the climate that comes with the warmer months. If this is you, or if you’re trying to avoid overheating this summer, you already know where you need to go to continue your fitness. Keeping up with your personal trainer means that you can work out in a much safer manner.

Costs can rise if you quit now.

Some gyms have cancellation fees, which is something to be aware of when you’re considering quitting — in some instances, it might be less expensive to stay on for another month or two, or until summer starts to wind down (and the gym becomes relevant again). For many gyms, however, it’s not uncommon for there to be startup costs that won’t be waived, even though you’re signing back on. Those fees that you paid the first time around will end up being paid for a second time (or a third time, if you have a pattern of quitting in the summer). 

There are instances where it makes sense to quit. If you’re moving, or not planning on joining this gym again, whatsoever, then quitting is probably in your best interests. But if any part of you thinks that you’ll be around, you just want to enjoy the summertime while you can, we’d recommend holding off on ending your personal training altogether. Cypress Fitness does offer non-membership personal training packages, which mean you don’t even have to worry about costs (or a membership, for that matter).

You’re making progress!

Chances are, if you’ve joined a Cypress Fitness, it’s because you have a goal in mind. This could be losing weight, building strength and muscle mass, increasing balance and flexibility, or simply making a commitment to living your healthiest lifestyle. No matter what, began working with your personal trainer in the first place because there was some growth and self-fulfillment that you wanted to see.

Far, far too often, people get to what they think is the finish line — or “close enough” — and stop right then and there. They think that they’ve done it, or basically done it, or know that they could do it, and that’s enough. We disagree. When you start making progress in your fitness goals, this is not ever the time to let your foot off the gas. Instead, you should continue progressing and growing, thinking about how you will maintain the growth you’ve experienced, and what direction you’ll take next.

If you met your fitness goals from the time you signed up for personal training to now, this does not mean you should quit and take summer as your sign. Rather, talk with our personal trainers to see what the next steps could be. And remember — fitness outside and fitness in the Cypress Fitness do not have to be mutually exclusive! In fact, our incredible equipment,

Admittedly, there are times when quitting a gym might be in your best interests. Moving across the country, long-term travel, changes in work or family — there are plenty of circumstances where the gym, as tough as it might be, might need to take a seat on the backburner. However, at Cypress Fitness, we would argue that your health should always be a priority, because if you’re not at your best and healthiest self, you can’t be there for others to the best of your capacity.

Whether you’re brand new to Cypress Fitness or you’re a veteran, we’re excited to see you, this summer and in all the seasons that follow! With so many options for training, incredible exercise classes, massage options, nutritional coaching, and even physical therapy, we have it all. We’re committed to helping you feel your best, and know that when you enroll in our personal training at our fitness center, you’ll feel the same. Get in touch with our fitness center in McLean to get started!