Memorial Day is just around the corner… AMAZING!




Where does the time go? I feel like I was just sitting in the snow, drinking my coffee and hoping the streets would be plowed so we could all workout together. Many of you took the journey with our transformation contest and succeeded. Since that time ended you may have kept that momentum, but some of you may have stalled. Lets get back on track and grab some confidence!


The 21- Day Detox Memorial Day Meltdown is coming.


It’s time to start stripping down to our bathing suits and jumping into the ocean, hanging out on boats, and lying on the beach.


As exciting as that sounds, it’s also a little nerve racking for many…


Let me ask you something – are you ready to take your clothes off?


That’s a rough one for some folks, a lot actually. I’ve been working hard helping people overcome that fear for over decade now and we spend a lot of time on self confidence. What I find, more than anything, is that people have not done the work to make them feel confident. I believe that we can help with that.


While, I certainly can’t promise a 21-day miracle, I can promise that you will be looking and feeling very different going into this summer if you do three things:


1. Follow a detox program – Details of Detox Click Here
2. Exercise a little bit more – even if it’s just adding in extra daily walk
3. Do something to manage stress – even if it’s just taking 5-10 deep breaths 3x/day


By the way, the Memorial Day Meltdown 21-Day Detox Challenge covers all three of those things and gives you simple plan to follow.


If you’d like to participate in our 21-Day Detox Program and get instant access to:
• Detox Success Webinar That Walks You Through The Entire Program
• Detox Meal Plan That Eliminates All the Guesswork
• 21 Delicious NEW Recipes That Your Family Members Will Love
• 21 Daily Tips and Accountability Messages to Keep You on Track to Your Goal
• 21 Days of Support to Ask Questions, Share Ideas, and Get Feedback (Facebook Group)




Summer is coming. Let’s get ready!!

Lets get the confidence you deserve.