D2S is one week away from starting and we thought that we would answer some of the questions that are coming in. Everyone can always benefit from more information!


“Chris, I’m just not sure if D2S Right For Me?”

A question we receive from a lot of women is whether or not D2S is right for them. Some of these women have never set foot in a gym in their life, others are seasoned gym veterans, PhDs in exercise science, Doctors, Registered Dietitians, and gym owners.

Our answer is a resounding YES!

Drop 2 Sizes works with women of all experience and ability levels. Our Coaches know how to write programs and modify the group training exercises to help women who have never worked out a day in their life, as well as women who want to take their strength and performance to the next level. If you are someone that is thinking of doing this program remotely, we can help you find the answers. That’s the beauty of working with a world-class Drop 2 Sizes Coach.


“Chris, I have been a part of your 21-day detox program. How is the D2S program different?”


Great question. There are many differences associated with the D2S program and the detox program. First, the coaching is 42 days vs 21, so you get double the time. Second, the detox program has a very specific set of foods you can and cannot eat. Everyone (yes, everyone) benefits from excluding the most common inflammatory foods in their food plan. The Detox becomes a great teacher of what foods don’t sit well with you and the effects all the foods can have on your life.

The D2S program does not require you to drop ANY food, let me REPEAT that, you can eat what you want within the guidelines that we give you. Sure, if you have done the DETOX program you may not drink dairy or eat corn, but if you look at it from this point of view, you learned and implemented what you needed to do.

This program teaches us how to plan our weeks with food and how we can have a healthy relationship with eating “bad” food and not feel guilty. Those that have an autoimmune history should still follow the detox program foods that work for them. If this is the case, we can handle that personal coaching habit. If you have fallen off the wagon, then the D2S program will get you back on.

Regardless of whether you have done the transformation contest, D2S Program or our 21-Day Detox challenge, we all need accountability and coaching.



“DO I HAVE TO GIVE YOU NEW JEANS or can I do D2S just for the accountability and coaching?”

Giving us your jeans is the fun part, but of course you can keep them to yourself if you want. This is about the process, and we just like to use the jeans as a thermometer to gage success.



“I live in the area and can’t make the training, can I still do the program?”

Yes! Plan “B” helps address this and we are ready to coach “off site”. We can get you the same results!



“Chris, if I am not a fanatical exerciser is it possible to have success with the D2S program?”
Yes, although we encourage you to get outside your comfort zone and entertain doing more exercise, but pushing someone to do something they don’t want does not end well.

In this case, we would certainly have you do the “B” Plan.



“I’m super busy now, can I pay and do the program later?”

Does it feel like now isn’t the right time? We understand. Maybe you want to wait until you’re not so busy, or until your kids start school. The problem is, there’s never a “right” time. Your inbox will never be empty. Your family will never stop needing you. Life will never calm down. If you wait until the timing is perfect, you’ll be waiting forever.

The majority of women who sign up for D2S Coaching do so because they realize that they have been waiting for the “right time” for years, and putting themselves last for far too long.

As coaches, we know that WE NEED coaches too. There is never a good time when we live in a busy time.
“Am I required to make all the seminars to be apart of the program?”

No, we do not require attendance. I know from past coaching groups, women enjoy the once a week teaching and this year we will post the seminars live and each seminar will be saved so you can view at anytime.

If you have any more questions, please reply to this email OR come to our information SEMINAR, THURSDAY October 6th @ 7pm.

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Choosing now as the time to finally do something for themselves.

It’s also important to remember that this decision doesn’t just affect you. Women who complete our programs report more patience and ability to be present with their children, a healthy relationship with food, and improved satisfaction in their relationship with their close friends and family.

The relationships that we have with other people are often a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. If you’re constantly unhappy, tired, stressed out, and dissatisfied with yourself, how can you possibly be anything different with your loved ones?

We get one life. Lets make it the best one.

~ Chris