Some exciting news!
We have developed our own Cypress mobile app to make your Cypress experience better, easier and even more enjoyable.
Our Cypress mobile app will allow you do all of the following from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • View your online monthly statements.
  • Enjoy virtual concierge service (appointments and reminders etc)
  • Schedule Team Training and Studio classes with ease.
  • Change and update your credit card info.
  • Check in at the front desk with a swipe on an iPad.
Two quick steps, less than 10 minutes, and you are done!
Step 1: Confirm or Create your Account with Cypress
  1. Use your desktop or laptop Computer to copy and paste the following link:

b.  You will arrive here and look under “New to our site”


2. Enter your first and last name then click “NEXT”

3. Your screen will look like the one below

      • If you see your name – click “This is me”
      • If your name is not there, click “Create New Account”

    4.  You will go to screen below, supply email, address and phone to confirm identity.


    5. You are done with Step One!

    STEP 2: Download the Cypress Mobile App
    1. Using your mobile phone or tablet, go to Google Play or iTunes and download the Cypress Fitness App from theApp Store

    (search Cypress Fitness)
    2.Click on the Cypress Fitness app and click “Install”
    3. Click “Allow” to let our app remind you of appointments for personal training or upcoming classes – you will have a virtual concierge service.
    4.  If you have set-up the desk top version in Step One above, click “log-in

    5.  If you went straight to downloading the Cypress Fitness app click “Create Account”
    You are now ready to use the Cypress App to review class offering times, attendance and instructors, book classes, book massage appointments, and view charges and monthly statements.
    Spend some time looking around the Cypress App and let us know if we can help with anything!