Hi Everyone,


We just wanted to reach out to everyone at Cypress and give a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated as individuals, in groups and who donated to our our OLYMPIC themed  fund raiser for Tori’s college fund.


We raise over $2,000 dollars in raffle prizes and donations –  you all ROCK!


More people than ever attained their personal best in events they hand picked with their coaches.  Many, if not all individual markers improved by 20%.  Some even more!  It just shows you, short attainable goals, lead to lasting changes.



Needles to say, these were extremely FUN.  The energy in the gym during the Friday and Saturday group training times was inspiring for coaches and members alike.


The events were very close and literally every second mattered.  If you stopped to wipe your hands, get a drink of water or adjust your feet, could have made the difference between winning and coming in “almost first”.


These events went so well, that we will have leader boards for best times etc placed on the New chalk board wall.  You are more than welcome to test yourself against them and replace the name on the wall, at ANY TIME!


Team Ryan and Team Jimmy each took an event.


Gina took the individual group time and proves that age can be a problem for us old folk.


Top 3 Group Finishers




1. Jimmy’s Noon Team A:    12:56

2. Ryan’s 6am Group           13:17

3. Jimmy’s Noon Team Z:     13:57




1. Ryan’s 6am Group:          12:17

2. Jimmy’s Noon Team A:     13:07

3. Jimmy’s Noon  Team Z:    14:10



Top single event finishers:


.5 Mile Run              – Kris K  Noon Team A    2:42

1000 Meter Row      – Dan     6am Group        3:00

1 mile Assault Bike  – Sam    6am  Group       2:12

Sled Push                – Nick    Noon  Group Z   2:33

KB Swings  100       – Malti    Noon Team A    2:10