When people are trying to get into shape, they tend to think in extremes. Thinking “I’m going to run X times a week” or “I’ll go to the gym every day after work” are pretty common goals. While this fitness initiative is admirable, it’s hardly ever attained and not the best practice.

Implementing a balanced workout routine is essential for anyone trying to improve their fitness. The personal trainers at Cypress Fitness know how important this is, which is why we bring in different exercises for workout routines. Not convinced that you need to switch up your workouts? Still feeling like you need to lift every workout to be successful? We’re going to spend this blog trying to change your mind.

Balance Helps Your Body

If you ate the same turkey sandwich for every single meal, you’d get some nutritional benefits. You’d get some protein and carbohydrates, and maybe a few essential vitamins if you add some veggies in there. But your body would be lacking in many other essential nutrients, and if this turkey sandwich was the only thing you ate, you’d end up malnourished.

The same is true for workouts. If you think that doing the same gym routine every day is going to make a difference in your fitness, you’re partially right — it will help in some ways, but at the same time, your body will be lacking strength training and flexibility in other areas while those muscles will go underused.

Balance Protects Your Body

We rotate tires on our car and wash our clothes for the same reasons we need to balance our workouts: overuse can wear things down. In terms of workouts, exercising one muscle group too hard can result in overcorrecting and even injury.

By switching up how we exercise throughout the week, we’re rotating between letting muscles recover and strengthening them. This isn’t just a healthier way to exercise, it’s more enjoyable, too!

Balance Makes Working Out More Fun

Hitting the treadmill or elliptical every single day is bound to get old after awhile. When you’re not inspired by your workout, you’re going to be less likely to get it done. Once you fall into a routine of not working out regularly, it’s infinitely more challenging to start things up again.

By switching up exercises, your workout week is going to be more fun. Your mind will be just as challenged as your body, and this makes a significant difference in how you perceive your fitness. When you like doing something and find it interesting, it will be so much easier to actually do it.

Balance Helps Your Mind

We mentioned earlier how it’s important to work out regularly, but would like to stress that word. Far too often, people get into the mindset that they have to work out in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. It’s true, you do need to get an appropriate amount of fitness in, but there’s a fine line between working out regularly and working out excessively.

It could be from the incredibly positive feelings that come from working out — dopamine is no joke! It could be from the societal pressures to look and feel a certain way. No matter what the reason, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking working out every or nearly every day of the week is the only way to be healthy.

A balanced workout isn’t just about variety in workout routines, it’s also teaching positive mindsets that fix some of the stigmas of fitness and health. You’ll likely find that as soon as you don’t feel as much pressure to do the same intense workout every day, you’ll feel better.

Have we changed your mind? Are you starting to see the benefits of having a balanced workout routine? We promise that when you practice balance, you’re going to love it. In our next blog, we’ll cover some of the ways in which you can try out a balanced workout routine for yourself. But one of our first pieces of advice is to stop by Cypress Fitness! Our gym is full of personal trainers and diverse workout methods that are committed to helping you find that balance, as well as the health results you’re looking for. Visit us in McLean; we’re excited to see you!