Sometimes the prospect of changing your entire diet and eating habits seems unfathomable, if not impossible. Our gym knows that lots of changes need to be sustainable in order to stick, and it’s OK (and sometimes for the best) for those changes to start small. Cypress Fitness has compiled a number of ways that you can easily improve your eating habits, in ways that aren’t super time-consuming. Take a look!

Drink More Water

So often, we reach for chips or candy or whatever is nearby to fill ourselves up with something, when the truth is our bodies actually just need water. But drinking water isn’t just a way to correctly address what our bodies are craving — it’s an essential part of staying healthy.

The amount of water that’s recommended for us to drink depends on our bodies and our activity — more active people should drink more water to compensate for the fluids that are lost. Some fitness gurus claim that a gallon of water each day is necessary, but that might not be true for everyone.

Purchase a water bottle that’s at least 20 oz., and aim to get through at least two of these each day (two-and-a-half to three might be a more ideal range, but it’s OK to ease your way into this). Get in the habit of taking a water bottle with you and sipping throughout the day.

Pack Enough Healthy Snacks

How many times have you been in the office, 2 o’clock hits, you start to fade out, and feel as though chocolate or something sugary is the only thing that can bring you back to life? We often default to whatever food is nearest to us, so the natural solution is to pack some healthier snacks to have on hand that will make us feel better.

When that sugar craving hits, switch to eating some fruit — berries and melons are naturally sweet, but have natural sugars instead of added ones. As we mentioned in a previous blog, you can also switch to cut-up veggies and some hummus or ranch or yogurt dressing for a healthful crunch instead of chips and crackers.

Meal Prep

Prepping meals might seem like a lot of work, but devoting a few hours on Saturday or Sunday can make an enormous difference in how you feel during the week. If you’re completely strapped on time, look into meal prep services that make healthy eating easy. Eating out of convenience and proximity is one of the quickest ways to feed our bodies with unhealthy foods. Just like you bring your gym bag to Cypress Fitness and your purse or briefcase to work, being prepared is essential in all aspects of life.

Avoid False Labeling

Far too often, we get caught up in this idea of what’s healthy and not based on the labels that we’re presented with. Things that are “fat free” or “sugar-free” are usually worse for us than things that are made with all the regular ingredients, because they’re full of additives that don’t provide nutrition and can make us feel sick. Don’t fall for fake advertising — if you’re going to eat a cookie, eat a cookie, not one that claims to basically not be a cookie.

Determine Hunger Levels

Sometimes we start snacking on stuff when we really just need a meal. Other times we eat an entire meal when really we just needed a little snack. Listening to your body and figuring out how hungry you are is essential to eating well. If you’re ever snacking and find that you just keep going back to the snacks, it’s probably time for a meal. If you’re eating a meal and you’re no longer hungry, stop and put the leftovers away.

Cypress Fitness is happy to share more nutritional coaching advice with anyone who’s interested — visit our McLean gym to learn more about personal training, food coaching, group exercise classes, and more!