Cypress Olympics


Cypress Olympics Benefiting the Heather Preast Memorial Fund.


Watching the Olympics is very inspiring.  It inspires us to want to be better, be healthier, and work hard to perform or compete to attain our personal best.


These athletes spend years, if not a lifetime, looking to improve themselves, even if it is by 1 second.


At Cypress Fitness, it is our mission to help you improve your health and fitness – workout to workout, month by month and with your blessing, year by year.  Yes, we think of you as athletes.  Setting measurable specific goals can help establish new motivation, improved health and have some fun along the way.


In conjunction with the Olympic Games XXXI coming this summer, Cypress is going to hold their own Olympic games.  We would also like to turn this into a fundraiser in Memory of our friend and colleague Heather Preast, for Tori Preast’s college education.


You are by no means required to join the fun, but if you choose to join then each coach will work with you individually.  There will be “individual” as well as “group” events.  Individuals will compete against themselves, to improve their PESONAL BEST and the Groups will actually compete against others, with obstacles Cypress has designed.


Group competitions will be timed base.  You will not actually be running against someone.:-)  Your donation on Olympic day will be your Cypress Entry Fee.


This program will give all coaches approximately 8 weeks to build your program for success.


Pre-Olympic Qualifying Week

(Where we get your first measurable in the event(s) you choose)

  • May 2nd through May 7th.


Olympic Games

(Where we will work to attain our personal best in our events)

  • June 24th and 25th.


Individual Events:


These individual events will be about attaining your PERSONAL BEST in any exercises modality that you want to better yourself in.  There is no limit to what we can measure and your personal coaches will help you decide what may be best to work on.   We will be sending more information out ideas for exercises or groups of exercises that may be of interest.  During “Pre- Olympic Qualifying“ week, you will perform your events so we have baseline metrics to work off of.  Your coach will then program the next 8-weeks to ensure your success.


Team Events:


This is the fun part!  Cypress has chosen a few relay events that teams of 5 will compete in.  Choose your teams wisely, competition will be fierce.


Olympic Team Training Games will be held SATURDAY morning, June 25th.


  • If your wondering if these will be like a workout, the answer is a profound YES!