Greasy burgers, salt and vinegar chips, gummy worms, bears, and other gelatinous animals — everyone has foods that make their mouth water. As tempting as it can be to indulge, our fitness trainers at Cypress Fitness want you to know that certain foods should truly be avoided at all costs. It doesn’t mean to never eat them, but to just be aware that they’re more harmful than some better alternatives. Take a look, and stop by our gym to try out our fitness programs today!

Chips and Flavored Crackers

Somewhere out there is a person groaning at their favorite food being at the top of the list. But our fitness trainers can’t lie — these are some of the worst foods for you.

A few at a barbecue isn’t going to be the end of the world. But if you’re snacking on these when you’re hungry, and not just because you want to satisfy a small craving, you’ll likely regret it later. Processed chips and flavored crackers (think flavored Cheez-Its and Goldfish) are full of ingredients that are as hard on the body as they are to pronounce. Plus, all that salt can leave you feeling horribly bloated.

Some alternative crunchy, salty snacks include freeze-dried sugar snap peas or okra, or carrot sticks with some garlic hummus. Trust our fitness trainers when we say you’ll feel better.


Technically not a food, but cartons of OJ and other juices are some of the worst beverages ever. Many have higher amounts of sugar than sodas, and not only destroy your teeth, but also can contribute to unhealthy weight gain. Again, every now and then isn’t the worst thing, but drink very sparingly, and follow up with water to rinse away some of the sugar before it has time to stick and turn into plaque.

Processed Desserts

Oreos, Chips Ahoy, anything made by Little Debbie — these processed foods can negatively impact your body. Anyone who’s experienced food sensitivities knows that these types of desserts can send any of us reeling, doubled over in pain and feeling sick just a few hours later. If you really have a sweet tooth, opt for a homemade treat, or bring some dark chocolate into your day.


While it’s unlikely that the first thing you’ll reach for on your cheat meal day is a tub of margarine, it’s used in many recipes and foods and is an ingredient that throws our bodies totally out of whack. Margarine used to be thought of as being healthier than butter, but it’s so artificial that it actually is worse for us. Don’t be afraid of butter! It’s not as bad as people have thought for the past few decades.

Fast Food

Yes, sometimes a burger and McFlurry from Mickey D’s sounds delightful. But our fitness trainers are here to tell you that those 15-30 minutes of joy are probably not worth the hours of feeling sluggish, heavy, and bloated for the next couple of hours.

It kind of goes without saying that when you eat something that’s made in a matter of seconds, it’s probably not that good for you. It also goes without saying that you get what you pay for. We’re not saying you should skip burgers and fries, but if you go for food from a restaurant that’s going to cost a bit more, but also is more authentic food, you’ll enjoy the cheat meal so much more.

If you’re picking up the theme of this blog, it’s that processed foods are pretty rough for our bodies. Avoiding sweets and fried foods and some of those tasty things doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing situation, but we’re likely to feel much better if we try to limit ourselves from them as much as possible.

Anytime you can eat something homemade or make something homemade, you’re likely to feel much better than something that was made for the purpose of cheap, mass production. Treat your body right! An enormous part of this involves working out and eating well, both of which you can find at Cypress Fitness. We offer nutritional coaching, as well as fitness training and exercise classes to help keep your health on track. Stop by our McLean gym to learn more!