Our fitness center offers a number of diverse classes to help you train in equally as diverse ways. From F.I.T. classes to martial arts, there’s sure to be a class that speaks to you at Cypress Fitness. See our class descriptions, and contact our fitness center to get started!

Cypress Circus A member favorite!  Join us for the early morning Saturday shenanigans .  A challenging, but fun workout awaits.  Your body will thank you for this weekend gift!
F.I.T (Fast Intervals and Tabata) This class has every intention of making you lose your breath.  This is Cypress’s signature cardio blast, our version of Tabata- with short and long intervals designed for the purpose of melting away
Full Body Bootcamp Let your hard work yield results and join us for our fun bootcamp.  With this full-body and fast paced workout, come try and keep up.
Hapkido Join Grandmaster Ron for instruction in this Korean martial art. Hapkido will increase your strength, balance, and overall fitness, while teaching you self-defense techniques. (Additional fee applies)
Morning Mayhem Start your day with a shot of adrenaline in our first class of the day.  You never  know what challenges the rest of the day will bring you, so be charged and ready to go with this kickstart!
RAW Youth RAW Youth (Real Athletic Workout) is the most inclusive, all-encompassing and scalable program specifically for our young clients ages 11-18.  RAW Youth is geared toward increasing self esteem and confidence while building a lifestyle around movement and healthy nutrition decisions.  Our instructors have designed a class that is chock full of activities for functional fitness and of course FUN!
Tone, Balance & Stretch This Cypress exclusive class is perfect for anyone looking for a low-impact way to build full-body strength, while improving balance and flexibility.
Weighted Weekend Did you miss your workout goal this week?  Are you a weekend warrior?  We have a class designed to push your body to the brink.  For those that need the challenge of a pre-week jolt, this is it.
Yoga This class is great for all levels of yoga!
Zumba Forget the workout, and get moving + shaking to the music at this original dance-fitness party.  Guaranteed to make you feel amazing.  It’s exercise in disguise.


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