1. Do you know your fitness age?

    HOW FIT ARE YOU REALLY??   What is your actual fitness age?   Take The Test! In a recent New York Wellness blog released this summer talked about your actual chronological age vs what your actual fitness age may be. This concept was developed and studies by “the Norwegian University of S…Read More

  2. Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion – Why Supplements Are Viable

      Have you ever wondered what those pharmaceuticals drugs can do you to you after prolonged exposure?  It has been studied that there are many common nutrition depletions associated with specific drugs and it is in our best interest to know what those nutrients are and take the correct supplement …Read More

  3. The Many Benefits Of A Good Sweat!

      I know many of us cringe at the site of the person in the gym sweating and dripping like they just came out of a shower. You think to your self, “how disgusting”. How can that person sweat that much? That can't be healthy. They must be super unfit?  Or you may think, as the picture says, "Ma…Read More

  4. Why do I sweat more than everyone else?

      It’s halfway through the first plank series in barre class, and you’re sweating so much it looks like you just jumped in a pool—yet your friend is completely dry. Or maybe you're the type who can tear through a treadmill session and barely glisten. Either way, what gives?.........click here…Read More

  5. The Truth About Sweating and Calorie Burning

        Does sweating mean you are burning more calories? I have often been asked “If I sweat during my workout, am I burning more calories?” Is that the case? Well, the answer is “No” ...... read here for a great explanation.…Read More

  6. Can you loose your fat cells?

      Do you loose your fat cells as you loose weight?  Do you ever wonder what happens to your fat cells?   As adults, we actually keep the same number of fat cells throughout our lives, regardless of whether we gain or lose weight.   Our fat cells our actually built from infancy into early adultho…Read More