1. How To Read Food Labels

    HOW TO READ FOOD LABELS   THE BASICS Look for: Whole foods No more than 5 ingredients Food that is close to its original form as possible Organic or local if possible Minimal or no packaging   Avoid: Added sugars Other sweeteners Hydrogenated and fractionated oils such as corn or palm oil …Read More

  2. The Making of a McDonalds French Fry!

    Remember those college days when those McDonalds French fries tasted like gold during those late night college feedings?   Give yourself 3:00 and watch a small segment of Michael Pollen’s talk and see what goes into that beloved French Fry.       Grand statement: “Poor women …Read More

  3. How to Self Manage Energy – Hunger – Cravings (HEC)

      HEC is a very individual thing, so this is an area where you will need to evaluate your need to follow exact rules.  These are the exact step that we like to use when we make small changes.  We suggest that you follow this structure exactly at first. But then, as you get the hang of masteri…Read More

  4. Warning: Drink at you own risk!

      You need to be informed.  Take 30 seconds and watch whats in your favorite Starbucks treat.   // What's really in Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte? Hint: It's not pumpkin. Posted by Fox News on Wednesday, September 3, 2014…Read More

  5. Why do I sweat more than everyone else?

      It’s halfway through the first plank series in barre class, and you’re sweating so much it looks like you just jumped in a pool—yet your friend is completely dry. Or maybe you're the type who can tear through a treadmill session and barely glisten. Either way, what gives?.........click here…Read More

  6. Crispy Plantains

    Crispy Plantains Servings : 2 Prep Time : 10m Cook Time : 4m Ready In : 10m Ingredients 1 green plantain, peeled and sliced 2 tablespoons coconut oil Salt Method Step 1 Heat up a large skillet over medium. Step 2 Add the coconut oil and melt. Step 3 Add in the plantains and let them sizzle on one si…Read More

  7. The Truth About Sweating and Calorie Burning

        Does sweating mean you are burning more calories? I have often been asked “If I sweat during my workout, am I burning more calories?” Is that the case? Well, the answer is “No” ...... read here for a great explanation.…Read More

  8. Food Is Just Food!

      Why did we allow ourselves to be brainwashed on what we should and should not eat? Why did we let other people dictate to us when we should or should not eat? It’s funny, but from childhood to our present lives food, beverage, and wine manufacturers have repeatedly bombarded us with the ide…Read More