1. Can you loose your fat cells?

      Do you loose your fat cells as you loose weight?  Do you ever wonder what happens to your fat cells?   As adults, we actually keep the same number of fat cells throughout our lives, regardless of whether we gain or lose weight.   Our fat cells our actually built from infancy into early adultho…Read More

  2. Artificial Sweeteners: Is There A Downside?

    Some of us have our vices. I certainly have mine and I know we all have ones we gravitate to. Many of you may like diet soda and gum or anything that falls under the artificial sweetener category and have "healthy" reasons for your choices/   The question I pose to everyone: Do you know what ha…Read More

  3. Sleep Quiz!

    Many of you have said that you are not sure if you have a sleep problem. Take our quick quiz and find out if you might need to fix your sleep.   Sleep Evaluation Can you say yes to any of the following? * Do you have trouble falling asleep? * Do you have difficulty waking up? * Do you get less than…Read More

  4. Measuring Fitness

    So here we are again...half the year gone by. How have those New Years resolutions gone? Are you on track with your goals? If you wanted to lose 20 lbs this year, how are you doing? If you wanted to do 250 workouts this year, where are you? Hopefully more than halfway done. It's amazing how fast the…Read More

  5. Having A Hard Time Giving Up Your Low Fat Milk?

      Science is no proving that all those years living the low fat life, may actually not have been the proper way to do it.   As this news comes out, has it been hard to give up your low fat dairy ways?   This article does a great job of educating you why it may good to break the low fat habit.   …Read More

  6. Food Recipe: ANTS ON A LOG

    I love this recipe and it is a staple late night snack in my house hold.  It regulates my blood sugar through the night and curbs any sugar cravings.   You will see a lot of the recipes we like come from a few websites.  www.paleoplan.com is one such website.   ANTS ON A LOG.       Ingredient…Read More

  7. Accelerate Health and WEIGHT Loss Regardless Of Your Age

        15 - 25 years Old: The body is very youthful, resilient, and has not experienced pain from previous injuries.  Risk tolerance is higher.  Carbohydrate tolerance is higher and should be kept in check when looking to get super lean.  Keep the risky exercises in check and stay basic.  Basic w…Read More