“Thirty-one percent of us sleep fewer than six hours a night, and sixty-nine percent report insufficient sleep.”

For all of us, learning to sleep may be one of the healthiest habits we can develop.. Many of you may think you sleep well, but do you really? Good sleep hygiene is the number one pathway to aesthetic goals, healthier food decisions, and being generally happier.

Below you will find a few highly researched articles regarding sleep. Take a moment and ask yourself some of the hard questions regarding your health and sleep.  Once you have finished, take the SLEEP QUIZ and see if you pass.

Why Can’t We Fall Asleep?

Sleep Deprivation – Health and Productivity Killer (and what to do about it)

“ Sleep Matters”. The Importance Of Sleep, and how to get better sleep.

Precision nutrition -hacking-sleep

Fall Asleep Fast With Biochemistry: Supplements To Help you Fall Asleep.