Like most things published on the web, even if by well respected people, there are always fact checkers and people who live to disprove well done points of emphasis.


One viral Coke Infographic that has made its way across the internet has been put under the science microscope –  ” What happens in one hour of drinking Coca Cola”.  If you have not viewed this info graphic, click here.


Now whether or not the science that was presented was perfect was not really the point.  The facts presented gave a very detailed look at the not-so-health benefits of Coke.  Does it take a few liberties, sure, but we all know Coca-Cola is not the first healthy choice for a beverage.


Click the link to read the scientific rebuttal  “What is Actually Wrong With That Coca-Cola Viral Infographic.   The science does not deter you from thinking that Coca-Cola is good for you, it just clears a few things up.