What’s Worse for Your Body Composition & Liver Health?

10g of Sugar from Coke or the Same 10g From Cookies?

This is very interesting!. Read the entire article here. (Synopisis found below)


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Quick Review for those hurting for some time.


1. The sugar intake in groups 2-4 was significantly higher than in group 1 – obviously a simple and necessary consequence of the composition of the diet.

2. The mice on the liquid diets consumed significantly more energy, sugar, liquid and food – distinct evidence that the rodent equivalent of sugar-sweetened beverages leads to overeating.
3. The fructose diets were not by any means worse than the sucrose diets – an observation that confirms what I have been preaching to the choir: The fructose bashing as “lustig” (engl. “funny”) as some experts believe it was, is based on a shortsighted prejudice.
4. The weight increase in the solid high-sucrose groups was small compared to that of the mice in groups 2 & 3 who were fed sucrose or fructose in their water – this is the logical consequence of the increased energy intake.
5. When the scientists compared the obesogenic effects (weight gain per food intake) of the diets, they found a significant difference between the liquid and solid sugars but not the sugar types – more evidence we cannot simply blame everything on fructose.


Interestingly, all four high sugar-diets caused an increase in blood glucose and in tendency some increase in liver weight, which was more pronounced if the sugars were administered in solid form.