So here we are again…half the year gone by.

How have those New Years resolutions gone? Are you on track with your goals? If you wanted to lose 20 lbs this year, how are you doing? If you wanted to do 250 workouts this year, where are you? Hopefully more than halfway done.

It’s amazing how fast the year goes and how all those goals or things we want to measure seem to fall off. Even as fitness professionals, falling off the wagon is human. If you feel you have fallen off the wagon, you can start again…start now!

If you start making changes today and set a measurable goal (lose 10lbs by “x” date) are you actually measuring and taking stock in your efforts? Or do you feel that just “doing” fitness or the art of being in the gym is enough? If you are following that plan to lose fat, are you sure you are actually losing fat? If you are not measuring and reassessing, how do you know where you are going? How do you know what you are doing is getting you towards that goal?

Have you ever heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?” I believe people do this because they don’t actually measure what they are doing. They hope that one day they will wake up and “WHAM,” they have lost those 10 pounds.

When you go to your annual physical (and I hope you do) do you not get measured? Height? Weight? If your doctor sees a significant weight gain, would they not say something? What about blood value markers? If your cholesterol rises, does that not get a red flag?

We measure, because measuring gives us the analytics to understand what our baseline is, gives us a starting point for direction, and gives us a base point to determine if what we are doing is actually working.

Let’s look at this in business terms. When you spend money on a marketing campaign, you track results based on those numbers. You would know exactly the target market, the cost associated with the marketing campaign, how many inquiries (if any) etc. You will know exactly where you stand and if your implementation worked or not. Based on those numbers you make corrections, small tweaks, or stay the course. There is no difference when it comes to health and fitness.

How does Cypress do this?

At Cypress, we measure everything. How many gym inquiries we have, how many new members join, how many renewals, what our busiest times are, our slowest times, the demographic of the busiest times – everything is measured and tracked to continue to best serve our members. When a new client comes on board we measure their posture based on back end algorithms and provide baseline metrics for future analytics. After a few weeks, when we feel a client has taken the appropriate steps, we will re-measure and get a percentage of improvement.

There are many ways in which we will teach you how we can measure goals, but there is also a simple way to measure yourself, your goals, your EFFORT and a way to track them – the┬áMyZone heart rate monitoring system.

What is MyZone and how can it benefit me?

The MyZone training system allows us to monitor real time effort based on your personalized biometric data. This data is kept, tracked, and analyzed by another set of back end algorithms, and accessible to you via a secure website. Data is collected by a chest belt monitor and captured in real time so you can track your effort on the dedicated monitors in the gym, or on the optional wristwatch.

One of the ways we can use the MyZone system to track fitness goals is by comparing workouts over time. All Cypress group workouts are built weekly and are designed to build you up as the month goes on. For personal training or semi-private training clients, workouts are labeled and repeated to ensure success and improvement over time.

For example, on the first Monday of the month you could measure the data you collected against the second Monday of the month, then against the third, and so on. You could do a similar comparison with workout “A” of your personalized program, by comparing effort (measured by % heart rate) and MyZone numerical data over the course of several weeks. Quantified results can help motivate you to work harder and smarter. Cypress trainer Ron Boykin will walk over to the MyZone screen during a training session and tell his client the amount of MyZone points they have accumulated during their workout. Depending on his mood, he may even make a joke about the effort that his client may be giving him versus the last workout.

MyZone tracks heart rate, effort, and will tally points through the workout based on the levels of intensity maintained during the workout. The MyZone experience ends when the belt is disconnected from your chest, and a breakdown of your workout is emailed to you. This gives you a baseline so that next Monday you can push yourself to exceed the metrics from the previous week.

Believe me, I know that there are days when you come in dragging your feet and just the thoughtof working out hard or increasing your workload seems unmanageable. It is those times where just effort can be your goal and success can be measured by challenging yourself to workout from 75% to 80% of your max heart rate.

What if I’m out of the facility. Can I use the MyZone system outside as well?

Not in the facility? Not a problem! The MyZone System will track all your data and when you return to the facility your workout data will download and keep all of your statistics in the cloud. The MyZone watch can also be a great tool outside of the gym and allows the user to view their biometric real time data on their wrist. You get the benefit of seeing your effort, heart rate, and points while away from the facility, and the benefit of that data being stored on your personal homepage when you return to the facility. If you have never measured your effort, believe me when we say it is the easiest personal motivator to make you work harder.

How does Measuring Fitness work with MyZone?

There are many ways to measure fitness. Currently, Cypress uses many biometric, fitness, and lab analytical baseline assessments to present different paths for clientele to reach their goals. Exciting new technology has provided us with ways to provide specific, individualized measurements based off your genotype.

Cypress can provide measureable numbers that give you the exact percentage of high intensity workouts versus slow steady workouts, and gives us actual measurable heart rate goals.

How do you measure? We will spend more time on this soon, but we just want you to understand that measuring can help with that stale feeling we sometime get with fitness.

How many of you have trained for a race or event and afterward you lost your mojo? You measured yourself with an event and the event made you measure your fitness. We just need to find new baseline measurements to build on.

Measuring Fitness Summary:

Based off your nutrigenomic baseline data we can provide measurable numbers for metabolic requirements (protein, fats and carbs), paths to weight loss, an athletes progression to peak performance, or help a child avoid obesity. Cypress is creating the ultimate platform of measureable biometric data so you can reach your optimal health. First and foremost you need to get healthy and we use food plans and exercise to achieve weight loss and optimal body composition.

Living a great life all starts with saying “I feel great” and feeling great is efficiently achieved with measurable data through individualized genetic codes so we can learn, measure and adjust for success.

Please look for more information about our soon to be released genetic analysis platform to provide a precise roadmap for each individual.

Here’s to your health,