Have you ever wondered why all that flexibility and posture work is so hard to maintain? Have you ever just said, “ugh if I could just SIT down!”.


Let’s think of our daily process from waking up to going back to sleep.


For many of us, our day looks something like this – we wake up and SIT down for breakfast. We get in our car, SIT and drive to work. Once at work, we SIT down and perform our daily duties. If you’re lucky, you leave and perform some sort of exercise that does not involve sitting at a machine. Once you are done with work, you get back into your car, go home, SIT at the table and eat dinner. Then we get back into bed and start the cycle all over again.


Listen, this is a sniper of our day to day activities and I understand we walk places etc, but you get the general gist. We sit way to much!


When you get a moment, read the below articles on how and why sitting may be affecting your health – At Cypress we call it the “Sitting Disease”


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