Why did we allow ourselves to be brainwashed on what we should and should not eat? Why did we let other people dictate to us when we should or should not eat?

It’s funny, but from childhood to our present lives food, beverage, and wine manufacturers have repeatedly bombarded us with the idea of milk and cereal for breakfast, burgers and salad for lunch and steak with some wine for dinner. Breakfast should be from 7-9 am; lunch between 12 noon and 2 pm; dinner at 6pm. And all this time, we’ve accepted these guidelines and kept our mouths shut.

The 7am alarm clock goes off and everybody jumps from their beds to make breakfast. The office clock strikes 12 and every Tom, Dick and Harry goes rushing off to elevators to take their lunch at the nearest restaurant.   We make it home, the clock strikes 6 and we are all set to take our dinner.

It’s crazy! We’ve become robots wound-up to respond automatically to what the clock says.


It is true that there are times when we are in the “losing it”phase, we be more regimented, but lets not use this as the example.  Even with this example, eating 5-6 times a day, is breaking the norm.  It fits the pattern.

Are You Still in This Mind-set?

If you’re still in this frame of mind that the true breakfast hour comes with a true breakfast meal, or that there is a true lunch hour with a true lunch meal, I think we should try telling ourselves …”Hey! I know what to eat. I know what’s healthy and what’s not. What’s more, I’ll decide for myself when to eat them! ?” After all, isn’t food really just food? We eat it, we create energy for our body, we use up the energy and we eat again. It’s a simple cycle of producing energy, releasing it and reproducing again.

Who’s To Say What’s Good?

Sure, there is healthy and unhealthy food. There is rice and bread, fish and beef, gatorade and tea. Who’s to really say what’s good and bad for us? Westerners eat bread. Asians eat rice. For some, healthy food can unhealthy and okay for others.   We are all different, we like different food at different times, have different lifestyles and “our” way of doing things.  I think it is funny that the world of “work”, pulls us into a “time” sensitive way of eating our food.

Perhaps, because breakfast is the first meal of the day, there’s always much debate about it…about how we need all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, proteins and carbs to help us go through the pressures of schooling and working at our jobs.  All the data about a healthy breakfast is anchored on western food types.  Have you ever just sat and wondered who provides this data?  Has anybody ever come up with what’s a healthy Vietnamese breakfast? What do Greek people consider breakfast?  Have you tried chicken for breakfast?  The next time you are having a conversation with a friend, tell them you eat Chicken and nuts for breakfast.  Check out the reaction.  Seriously, what’s the fuss?

At the end of the day, breakfast is really just what it is – a meal to break the fasting during the night. Whether it’s bacon and eggs, pancakes, salmon, chicken or steak.  Any one of these will still break the fast. It will still produce the energy we need to go through life’s daily travails.

Let’s resolve starting today, to eat what we like, when and how we like to eat. Let’s resolve to take a close look at what’s served on our tables. If we have to ask ourselves … “Can we eat this? ..chances are, we can’t for one reason or another.  Let that be our decision.  After all, it’s our game, our body, our life. Let’s make our own rules and not let anybody dictate to us what we should and should not eat, when we should and should not eat. We all know enough to make sound HEALTHY decisions for ourselves!