This happens to be one of those fantastic questions everyone should ask. When it was posed to me I was stumped and did not have a great answer. It forced me to research, understand and become more aware of the one thing we should all know. Where does my fat actually go when I lose weight?

If you asked 3 fitness professionals what happens to the fat when you lose weight you would probably get 3 different answers. Looking at the answers from our 4 famous trainers, I’m sure the response is right in line with what you may be thinking.


Bobby Boucher: “ummmmmmmm you sweat it out. (by the way, a very common answer)

Ricky Bobby: “I want to thank baby Jesus for getting rid of my fat”

Col. Nathan Jessep: “You can’t handle the truth!”


Even if Col. Nathan Jessep thinks we can’t handle the truth, the fact is, we can. I bet you can’t find a personal trainer, general practitioner, surgeon, or nutritionist that can answer this question correctly. Now you can! It’s quite fascinating to learn – “Where the fat goes when you exercise”. Maybe all those days of trying to catch your breath had some validity – read on!


Where Does The Fat End Up When You Loose Weight?

When You Burn Fat, Where Does The Fat Go?

VIDEO:  Where Does The Fat Go When You Loose Weight?