In response to our last post regarding low fat milk, here is a study that actually shows Cholesterol Boosting your immune defenses.  One of mentors in the nutrition world, Charles Poliquin always taught us that Cholesterol act like firefighters throughout our body.  They are called out to fight things that may be inflammatory to our bodies and causing the body to become sick.  Cholesterol is called to the scene to help boost our Immunity, fight off  invaders and make us more healthy.


I’m sure you share my same sentiments that increasing ones Cholesterol will not be apart of any supplement treatment, but that cholesterol is not all bad for us.


What may happen if we are on low cholesterol medications?  What does this do to our body?  Should statins be prescribed as frequently as they are when it is clear that cholesterol plays an integral role in the immunity of our bodies?


Details of the study:  Read here for more info.

“The subjects were hospitalized patients with pulmonary infection, patients who were assigned into intervention group and control group randomly and subsequently received a 10-day course of either
extra 600mg cholesterol per day (provided by the egg yolk) or a placebo supplement devoid of cholesterol, but w/ the equivalent amount of vitamin A to see how the extra cholesterol would affect the course of the subjects’ illnesses. In that, the extra-vitamin-A in the control group is crucial, because of retinols paramount importance in the immune response to infections (Glasziou. 1993; Semba. 1994 | see Figure 1):”


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