Some of us have our vices. I certainly have mine and I know we all have ones we gravitate to. Many of you may like diet soda and gum or anything that falls under the artificial sweetener category and have “healthy” reasons for your choices/


The question I pose to everyone: Do you know what happens with the body when these artificial sweeteners enter the body?


Below are some articles that can help inform you and give you a little more incite to the debate.


My general philosophy:  “What is the lessor evil” at any given time. I enjoy a diet coke at the movies and it takes the place of any candy or “sweets” that I might crave.

We want you to be informed and there is a lot of new information out there and we are in a quest to get it to you.


When you have a moment, click on the links below and make the decision for yourself.


In Your Health,

~ Chris


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