th-50Have you kept a slight end of the summer weight gain? Have you told yourself over and over again that you will start being “good” tomorrow?

Do you have a friend you have been asking to stay committed with and start anew?


If so, you are not alone. The start of FALL is a very easy time to pack it in, its getting colder, work is busier and time for “yourself” is limited. The only problem is the holidays are going to be facing you down – and then what?


That scale will keep creeping unless you take control.


Is that what you want though? Are you willing to undo everything you worked so hard to accomplish during an entire year.


Remember that bad habits creep in slowly. Perhaps you are skipping your workouts a couple days each week, because “You have so much to do”. Maybe you have been indulging in unhealthy food or drinks a little more frequently when you are with friends. It happens-little by little. It happens one small choice at a time and those choices add up fast. Before you know it, BAM – you want to cry because your jeans don’t fit.


If you realize that you have been slipping up, it’s not too late to turn around and get back on track. There is still plenty of the year left to regain whatever ground you might have lost and get back to awesome.


The holidays are coming and we have a plan. Lets face it, with the holidays it is hard to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan during the holidays.


Step 1: Decide for yourself, if you don’t do this what is the alternative? How will you feel? Now let’s turn that thought around and decide how good you will feel when you commit to bettering yourself.


STEP 2: Have an easy and actionable plan for the next few weeks leading to THANKSGIVING. (Hint – our Drop 2 Sizes Program {D2S})


STEP 3: Get friends to commit and do it with you. A group is better than going at it alone.


STEP 4. STOP – You must self sabotaging yourself with negative word vocabulary. You will do it, you want to do it, and you will feel better that you are doing it.


STEP 5: Get a COACH – GET ACCOUNTABILITY. Just when you say you are about to quit, your coach is going to remind you of the above steps with a stern, but gentle nudge.

Think about it:

“Would you treat your kids to a life of unhealthy eating and negative self talk?”


At Cypress, we believe on hitting the holidays lean and mean. All you need is 6 weeks of a PROMISE to yourself that you can find one pair of jeans to fit into and we will teach you to keep it through the holidays.


Join our D2S program and go into the holiday months feeling good about yourself.

Its still not to late – We will let you join the D2S program now if you choose.

email to let us know.